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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Finished Bags and Squares for Grandmother Purl

I finished my bag. It came out great! I love it and it was so easy. It only took me a few days of knitting between other projects to complete. It has been blocked and dry for almost a week and I finally finished up the strap seaming today. The lovely yarn in it is from Piece of Beauty. I will be devoting an entire post to her yarn later this week. It is absolutely yummy!

I also finished a square for Grandmother Purl. That gives me time to make another one. I made 1 8x8 square with a vertical Columns of Garter Stitch pattern in blue Plymouth Encore Wool. It is pretty soft and very durable. It is machine wash/dry so it will be easy to take care of. I am planning on another square of plymouth Encore in Green. I started a block with a diamond stitch design and was half way through it when I realized that I had some how made it too wide. It was over 10 inches wide. Oh well, I put it on the side and I will try again.


  • At 12:12 PM, Blogger ronnie said…

    I love the bag, something has happened to the computer and it has misplaced your e-mail address, Ronnie


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