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Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Favorite Color Swap

My color swap pal received her package and it was a big hit! I am so glad. I had a great time picking everything out for her. I hope that Nichole decides to host this swap again, it was so much fun. I would definitely join in.

I spent the weekend up north in San Ramon. I originally went up to see the Harlot. She was speaking at a yarn shop in Los Altos. Unfortunately, I ended up not making it to her event. I am sure that there were TONS of other knitters there as it was her only stop in California. But other than missing her, the family and I had a great time. We spent some time flying kites and just having a grand ole time. The boys got to spend some time with their cousin, and my hubby and I got to spend time with some of our favorite family.

I put the Isis scarf on hold for a bit in order to make a lucious, cream colored, alpaca, mistake rib scarf for the office manager at my dentist's office. She is dealing with some personal grief and I thought it would cheer her up a bit.


  • At 3:51 AM, Blogger Emma said…

    Thank you so much for my wonderful package. It was great fun opening the little packages,all containing beautiful things.
    I've blogged about !

    p.s. you'll get more comments if you allow non blogger members to comment. :0)


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