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Monday, October 02, 2006

It just started and I'm already Dead! Sock Wars.....

I haven't posted this past week but there has been a lot going on. I received 2 sets from my Stitch Markers swap, I received an amazing package from my pal Ronnie, and I was killed off already in Sock Wars. I was so totally out of my league in the Sock Wars. Shawn aka Yarn Fairy had already knitted the socks and killed me before I could even get started. Oh well....it was fun while it lasted and I got a cool pair of socks out of it. Shawn calls it the Blood and Guts socks. I will take some pics of the murderous socks and the other packages I received this week and post them soon. I also finished 3 more sets of stitch markers but packaged them off to send out without taking pics. :0(
They were really pretty though and I am proud of them. Hopefully, my swapees will post a pic on the swap blog and I will be able to link to that.

I am almost finished with my mistake rib scarf in the yummy alpaca for my dentist's office manager. It is looking good and it is soooo soft. I also have started a felted bag that I saw on knitty gritty this past week. It is pretty cool and so easy it's ridiculous. I will post pics of these as well. I substituted some Araucania Nature Wool for the Cascade 220 in the pattern and it is so beautiful. The variegated colors in the Nature wool are stunning. Can't wait to post a pic of it.


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