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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Third Annual St. Brigid's Silent Poetry Reading

Hi All:

I saw this on Jo's blog and thought it was perfect timing. My older son was in a performance showcase at his performing arts school and he read his poetry. So in honor of St. Brigid's Silent Poetry reading, I will be showing my son's poem. I think you will all like it. I know that I am very proud of him.


How much is too much?
When you can't even remember when you started.
Or when you had had your fill, long before.
When you tried to stop but couldn't bear to have parted,
Just aching, just yearning, I'll just have one more...
For one cookie becomes five, then ten or even twenty,
Who am I to reject such fine food?
You've had a lot, but a lot is not plenty.
Only one cookie more, so as not to be rude.
You've eaten dozens upon dozens with ease.
So why not another, if you please...
More and more, so hungry, I just can't have one!
Always never enough, yet all necessity is gone.
Spiraling drastically, you start to see what has wrought.
You've been a gluttonous mouse and now you've been caught...
Trembling with fear, at your grim realization,
that you've gorged to the point of immobilization.
Struggling to stand, you regret what you've done.
There's nowhere to go, or to hide, or to run.
Those cookies are mocking, laughing at you, now.
You can't believe this misfortune could befall you. How?
Greed has seduced you with its addicting spell,
Through your unwary actions, to this spell you have fell...
So heed these words that go without fail.
Only take one and you'll always prevail.


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