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Sunday, April 15, 2007

SP10 Contest and Package Posting (Warning Long Post)

The Beloved Item

I am getting in my SP10 contest posting just under the wire! I had to wait until now so that I could show my fave pattern so far! My anklet sock! I just finished the kitchner stitch on my toe yesterday! I am so proud of this sock. I took a risk, dove in and tried something new. Who knew how easy it was to knit a sock? It looks so intimidating. Now, I am going to be addicted to it and I can finally knit all of the sock yarn that I own. :0)

The top 3 things I love about my first sock...

1) I love the yarn. It is soft, resilient and I love the pattern the colors make!

2) I love how easy it was. The pattern was a simple sock pattern from my LYS. It was really easy to follow and a great pattern to learn my new sock making techniques on.

3) The way it fits! My mom is modeling it for the picture, but she and I have very similar feet. I have short and wide feet and I have such a hard time finding socks that fit. They are always too tight and the right length or comfortably snug but an inch to long. This sock fits perfect. I just knit the stockinette until I reached the bottom of my toes and then started my decreases. Perfecto!

The best thing about this sock is that it impressed my husband. Now he will let me knit him a really nice pair of dress socks. :0)

The Dreaded Hated Item
My most hated item is of course an UFO. There is no way I was going to finish it. It was my first attempt at a baby blanket and I was a big time newbie when it came to knitting.

The top 3 things I hate about my half finished attempt at the Big Bad Baby Blanket from SNB...

1) The YARN! Yuck. I know that people love plymouth encore because it is easy care and mostly wool, but it is scratchy and rough and not something that I would ever put next to my own baby's skin much less foist off on someone else's baby. (I ended up remaking the blanket in a cotton chenille and it was so much softer. It is one of Gavin's favorite blankets)

2) That gauge is totally off. This is before I understood gauge. The blanket is HUGE! It is almost as wide as a twin sheet. LOL! The finished product would have been a really weird size.

3) That big, honking knot right in the middle. Boy, did I get a scolding from Midge who owns my LYS about that one!

My SP10 Swap pal totally rocks!

Check out this awesome package from my pal! Like she says, I am her "Hawaiian, California living twin separated at birth." We have so much in common. Namely our love of all things PINK and a serious addiction to yarn and office supplies! She really took time to pick out items that I would like and need! I have been extremely lucky in my swap pals.

Thanks again SP10 Pal!


  • At 3:52 PM, Blogger Calling Kahlo said…

    What a nice package! It looks so pretty in pink. I love the luggage photo tags, how funny!

  • At 3:53 PM, Blogger Calling Kahlo said…

    What a great package. I love the photo luggage tags. Hmmm, lots of pink.

  • At 5:44 AM, Anonymous elan said…

    Grats on the first sock! It is addictive.

  • At 4:08 PM, Blogger Sue H said…

    What a wonderful package, though I'm not into pink at all.
    Congrats on your first sock, and welcome to sock knitters club.


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