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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Introducing Hobbes...

It has been a really long time. I have been sucked into too much work for the past several months because our team was down 2 people and we are just now finally beginning to catch up a little.

I also haven't been knitting as much because of a new addition to our family:

Introducing Hobbes! (Who completely lives up to his name because he is just a lovable rascal kitty)

He has a very bad habit of trying to eat all of my yarn, which the vet says it really dangerous. So after $400 and several really stressful days in the Vet's office a few weeks after we got him, I now have all of my yarn put away. Since then he has been getting really big and is so spoiled. He is the little prince in our house and everyone spoils him rotten. Really though, how could we do anything else? He is so cute!


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