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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Shhhhh...Don't tell my hubby but I am in Love and other useless drivel

I am in love, love, love, with my size 5 fiddlesticks bamboo needles!

I know I am a total dork for saying so, but it's true none the less. :0)

After frogging Liesel for the 10th time, I went and got some help at Suzoo's Wool. Margaret was amazing. Lucky for me, I forgot my needles at home and had to buy new ones. In comes the size 5 fiddlesticks! Yipee! That was the best buy I have made since my yummy yarn from the Piece of Beauty yarn store. It has made Liesel so much easier and I am hoping to be finished in the next week or so. I have been trying to squeeze in a repeat or two of the pattern each night before bed. So far so good, but I don't want to jinx it with pictures until it is finished. It really is a lovely pattern. I probably should have done something easier for my 1st lace project, but I think I finally have the hang of it now.

I sent off my pot holders for my pot holder swap without taking pics of them. Oh well, one of the guys I work with said he would love a set for his wife so I am sure that I will make them again!

Since I have been on a movie binge for the past 2 weeks, I am going to list some of the movies I am into right now....Please feel free to comment with favorites of your own!

--Garden State written and directed by Zach Braff Can't get enough of this one and the soundtrack is AMAZING!

--Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory the 1971 film with Gene Wilder LOVE this one! I also like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp. They both are great. I have seen both of them in the last week or so. Must be some weird Willie Wonka movement on TV. Hee-Hee!

--Eurotrip I know I have a sick sense of humor and that this movie has got to be one of the lamest movies ever made, but I can't help but love it anyway! It is hilarious. Although if you are easily offended it might be one you want to avoid.

--Of course Harry Potter - all 4 movies. I have to get in my weekly fix of Harry Potter movies or I start to have withdrawls. I prefer the 1st 2 because they stick to the books a lot better, but I have gotten used to the 3rd and 4th ones and enjoy them even thought they don't do the books justice. Watching them for the 50th time will do that for you. It reminds me of something my ex boyfriend used to say to me, "You kind of grew on me...like a fungus." This is one of the many kind things he used to say along with, " I love how you like to tell the same stories over and over. It's cute. Reminds me of my grandma who has alheizmers." Lovely chap that one. I am sure that it is obvious to all of us why I am married to my wonderful hubby and not him, eloquent though he was. ;0)


  • At 2:12 AM, Blogger Bagpuss said…

    How cool is Garden State! I love that movie too! I am having an 80's movie trip at the moment -Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Buellers Day Off etc.


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