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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Favorite Color Yarn Swap Pics

I was able to get the picture of my favorite yarn swap package up. It takes for ever to load. Ronnie spoiled me rotten with all of this loot. I have already eaten the licorice and my mom and I had a cup of the most delicious Earl Grey tea tonight.

I also sent off my package to my Secret Color pal. I have included pictures of both.

I will try to post a pic of some knitting soon. I will post a pic of a blanket that I made for a friend's baby and I am currently working on a scarf made out of hand painted Isis. It is soooo soft!

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. One more day of work and then the 3 day weekend. I can't wait! :0)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Favorite Color Swap Buddy ROCKS!

Big Thanks to my Favorite Color Swap pal Ronnie! She is totally awesome. I love the stuff that she sent me. She spoiled me rotten. :0) The black licorice she sent me is not going to make it into the picture though. We have already eaten half the package. It is sooo good.

I will take a picture and post it tomorrow. When I opened the package, everything smelled so good from the tea bags that she included for me.

I am sending her a package as well. It will go out tomorrow, filled with ziploc bags(her request for housing knitting in the car) and some Big Island Candies chocolate dipped shortbread. YUM!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Wow! I didn't realize that it had been so long!

It has been a month since my last entry. I better get cracking if I want to qualify for SP9. :0)

In my defense I was in Hawaii for the first half of August. I was born and raised there. I am Hawaiian, Chinese and Portuguese. I always have a great time when I visit except for the fact that I get so homesick for Hawaii that it is always hard to leave. My best friend just had a baby and I got to spend a lot of time with them. Her baby girl is sooo cute. What a doll. I also made a short trip to Maui with my husband, 2 boys, dad and step-mom. The guys got in 2 rounds of golf and the rest of us enjoyed the aquarium and beatuiful scenery. Not much on the knitting front because I have been so busy this month. We just got back from the trip and my older son started junior high right away so that has been taking up most of my time.

I was able to take a 4 hour drive up to Solvang this weekend to get everything I needed for my Favorite Color Swap package. My secret pal is into spinning and I got her some luxurious merino roving in her favorite colors. I also got her some merino/mohair that is heavenly soft. I don't spin, but the spinner who owns the shop assured me that she will love the gifts. I plan on wrapping it up pretty and sending it out today or tomorrow.

I have been in contact with my upstream secret pal for My Favorite Color Swap and she is great. She seems really nice and I have enjoyed emailing her. She says my package should get here later this week and I am so excited. I have a package for her that I will also be sending out this week. I hope she enjoys it.

Here is a picture from one of my trips to Hawaii. Enjoy! It is the view of the surf at Makapu'u from the light house.